Story Stew

Story Stew

Story Stew is a melting pot of creativity from author Mary Evans.

I love writing and I love teaching others to write. Whether you want to enjoy my books, you'd like some creative writing workshops at your school or event or you'd like to book a place on one of my latest courses, I would love to cook up some stories for you.

Everyone can write stories. That's right. Everyone. Especially you. Creative writing isn't a mystical art - it is a science with a bit of magic thrown in. With the right tools, everyone can write a good story. You might not be Dickens. But you won't be a right Charlie either.


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STORY STEW has been served up at primary schools and literary festivals around the country - and the critics have loved it... more testimonials

"Mary was a master at humour that hits multiple levels and had children and parents laughing all the way to the end. Not often can you say that something is as fun AND educational as this!"

Richmond Upon Thames Literature Festival

"With plenty of singing, throwing stuffed toys and animals into a pot, and a ridiculously catchy poem that will stick in your head all day, Story Stew Workshops are ideal for any young writers in the need of some inspiration!"

Mel Taylor, Little Star Writing Workshops, Imagine Festival, Southbank Centre

"Mary introduced Story Stew during a whole school assembly that completely captivated the audience of 4-11 year olds. They were really inspired by the idea that a story really can be about anything, with the only limit being their imaginations."

Laura Wiles, Literacy Co-ordinator, Holy Trinity Primary School, Richmond


Who Let the Gods Out?

A comedy fantasy adventure about a young boy who must reassemble the classical immortals to beat a death daemon and save mankind. You know the kind of thing. COMING SOON... Age 7+

Rosie Harker, Nosey Parker

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